Canon EOS R real world samples and my initial thoughts. DPP converted and some fine tuning to taste in Lightroom (export TIFF from DPP). You can see Exif of photos by clocking info icon.

Focusing is quite remarkable, i was surprised to see and shoot sequence of dancing peacock, as it turned away from camera, focus remained locked on its small head, even shooting through feathers at 200mm.

Compared to Canon EOS 5D MKii, which was my only camera in use since 2012, there is a night and day difference, and I highly recommend upgrading to EOSR if you are in market for an upgrade and still waiting for perfect camera. Raw files are much juicier and straight out of camera pictures are very pleasing (thanks to canon color science).

I have no concern regarding image quality, its hands down amazing and way ahead of 5DmkII. Much concerned DR issue doesn’t bother me, nor it had any impact on my photos when i used to shoot with 5DmkII, since EOS R is steps ahead in DR compared to 5D, I think it is good to have to have extra headroom in processing.

Body remains extremely comfortable to hold, thanks to its excellent ergonomics, probably ergonomically best camera in mirror-less market. Camera remains very well balanced with my Canon 70-200 f2.8 II, Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art and Canon 17-40 F4L with no signs of fatigue after holding it for long periods.

level of customization is phenomenal, along with blazing fast and accurate Auto-focus coupled with excellent LCD and viewfinder which shows colors and brightness with great accuracy with whole lot of information on display (you can customize different screens within viewfinder and on LCD) Touch pad focus is so good and a joy to use.

Nitpicking: I do wish i could assign AF start option to the right of touch pad, where my thumb naturally sits (can be disabled to avoid accidental changes). I do wish for slightly bigger buttons, but I thinks it’s a penalty that comes with shrunken size of ML bodies, compared to full sized DSLRs like 5D series.

Battery life is surprisingly low when compared to 5D series or any other DSLR, thankfully it will take batteries from 5DII. Since I am playing a lot with camera and remain in AI Servo mode mostly I have yet to see how much shots I can take with my usual shooting style. I wish Canon had allowed USB charging from any USB charger instead of confining users to 200 USD Canon made charger. Since its been only a week with camera, I will add more to this gallery and review.

Canon EOS R with 70-200 f2.8L IS ii

Canon EOS R action Photos test with 70-200 f2.8L IS ii (Firmware 1.3)

EOS R as travel partner (17-40L 70-200 and Sigma 50mm Art)

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