As I reached teenage and ventured into weekend movie nights with my cousins, one night of year 1999 or so we played “Saving Private Ryan” The opening scene of movie was quite powerful and how camera moved through war cemetery was so inspiring for a wannabe photographer, I started to think about how actually it would be to witness and shoot such monument, I had no clue even thought of such idea was possible at that time. Decade passed, and one day i came across an information about “British War Cemetery” in Rawalpindi, which was not far from my place. All the memories of that movie night rushed through my brain, I was surprised to find a place with similar character just few miles i used to go for shopping. Planned a photographic trip and spent some time there clicking.

My important ritual was to share photos to every photography forum I was part of along with posting on my Gallery. One fine day I got a very interesting message in email. I was truly moved by power of internet and photography. Here is the message copied from that email. September 2011 “Grandfather of an elderly lady whom I know is buried in grave I D 8 of Rawalpindi military cemetery. He is Private A J Mahon 1st battalion Yorkshire Regiment who died 11/7/1918 aged 38. Since a visit is impossible can one obtain photos of individual graves?”

So i planned a trip and found A J Mahon's resting place and shared pictures with family, and i cannot forget the response.

Thank you so much for the photos that Margaret has now printed off and I have passed on to the Mahon family. They were amazed to see them as it was a surprise and they have asked me to pass on their thanks for taking all this trouble.The photos are excellent and give a real feel of the layout of the cemetery which seems so well looked after and peaceful.The family still live in the same village as the late Private Mahon and they were so pleased to see the grave well tended.His niece, who is now nearly 90, was born a few years after her uncles death but was born in the same house as her uncleand she was most moved. Please accept my own personal thanks and my very best wishes for the future.

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