Eye of the Monster

Awais Yaqub is Pakistan based photographer, for Awais photography is a way to satisfy aesthetic sense and very effective way to express himself. It is not always about shooting professional assignments, it is a sheer passion of photography which gets Awais going. Born in 1984 in Islamabad Pakistan, MBA by education and no training in arts and photography, most of the learning came from experiments and continuously shooting since 2004, when Awais received 1st digital camera as gift from parents. Ever since, Awais’ work has been displayed in group exhibits around the world, and appeared in various books and magazines. Being a photographer who shoots for passion, Awais’ work is medley of portraits, documentary, travel, landscapes & nature, and not just confined to single genre of photography. However, Awais believes his photographic style will remain amalgamation of various photographic genres, as all these aspects revolve around his mental curiosity. In *SmugMug Success Stories Awais was sighted as “Yaqub may be the most visually driven MBA on earth” A globalist who is promoting cultural understanding in live colors. For Awais it’s about shooting and giving it back to world, a visually magnificent experience.

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